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Welcome to my ChessCoin blog!

You find here my new blog entries (2018) for ChessCoin (2017 blog is here).

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fresh addresses in the top44 (January 9)

I see over the last 2 days freshly created addresses being positioned in the top list.
I guess some whale is distributing his wealth into smaller parts?

top50 movements

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55% of coins are held by 20 addresses (January 9)

The top5 addresses hold over 20 million coins (27%), the top12: 31 million (42%) and the top20 hold 55% of all coins (41 mio). Data is about 2h old

coin distribution

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to future readers: crosspost links added (January 9)

I'm adding now also "x-post" links at end of the posts, so you can use the "time machine" to see community's feedback on issues.

in last 8h: >500000 coins generated (January 9)

More than half a million coins have been generated - in the last 8h only. Currently 84% of all coins (>62.7 million coins) are mined and distributed.
More details later.

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about the whale effect: demotivating + RMSS (reaching max supply sooner) (January 6)

I perceived the whale(s) appearance as negative. Why? Read here
At the same time it also brings us closer to: what we should with the max supply? see here

the richest address generated 2 million coins in 19h (January 6)

Looking at the top61 richest addresses (the data is about 1h old now), I see this:

* the top address (CJepFg2b7Jyd6JXjAtHAFfX7pJ5ZRZ6rF1) staked in 19h: 1.96 million coins (and it will be more, b/c we still have a high net weight: 630 million atm)
* the 2nd richest address (Cd5cAPMxYBzYHGUfsdzR4ddSD5WgKxSLFh) seems to have moved their coins to another address (Cc98koAmWWo15jXvrcX7Qd7qHPufSB6mAM)


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over 61 million ChessCoins (January 6)

It seems the whale(s) want to reach the max supply sooner than anticipated... We are currently at 61.27 million generated coins.

Or in other words: in the last 15.5h there were created 2.1% of all CHESS coins (1.6 million coins) to exist (max supply is: 74.66 million coins).

Our net weight is still large (currently 825 million net weight).

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60 million ChessCoins, and whales appeared (January 5)

We've generated 60 million CHESS coins today. Made possible also because of whale(s) appearance who increased the net weight massively:

The max in this picture (4.5h snapshot) is 1933.9 million net weight and the minimum: 153 mio.

net weight CHESS coin for 4.5h

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What are your thoughts on ChessCoin's max supply? (January 5)

There is some feedback on my post from yesterday. What do you think?

differences in opinions (January 4)

This was the 2nd time in last 2 weeks (see also 2017 Dec 26) where I observed - let's call it: colorful discussion - between people. I wonder what makes them act that way?
Anyways, if you have lots of free time, feel free to take on some ChessCoin tasks :-)

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