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Welcome to my ChessCoin page!

You find here my activities for ChessCoin.

My time is as precious as yours:
    your donations will show me that you think the same.


Organization: MCT (managing ChessCoin tasks) and community

I've setup this task list where I am analyzing ChessCoin (software, community, ...) to identify the first places that need attention.

This is also the part I. of the upcoming roadmap.

I am also getting the community back together and replying on questions, issues... (see here).

The new ChessCoin website

Here is the new website (the old did not exist anymore for months :-( ).

Trusting ChessCoin's blockchain

To help increase the trust into the ChessCoin blockchain I've set up this project.
See e.g. the forking situation on Dec 12/13 here.

ChessCoin tournaments

I marketed and coordinated our very first tournament series for the ChessCoin community and other interested chess players, see here.
Read the summary here.

My ChessCoin blog

I keep my blog updated with (improvement) ideas for ChessCoin.
Here is my old blog (2017).

Feedback: what do others think about my work here?

If you also think like that, please donate, see below. Thank you!!!

When you don't water a flower it will not bloom anymore... and die!

I am taking precious time to revive the ChessCoin project. You can show me with your donation that you realize this!

Even if you do not have much, a regular, small donation is also appreciated. Thank you!

My CHESS address is: Ce7kSuKGoS3f5bQkmxLmXKfQjQPH1KyrLc

Where you can contact me